Health Services

Diabetes Prevention

Eating healthy is very important, however we realize that it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry, we can help you with that.

Confidant Friend

It is a program that, together with psychologists from universities in Central America and Mexico, have the objective of offering emotional counseling for those people who are going through complex situations and need support.

NYC Care

NYC Care is a low-cost health care program that New York City offers to residents of any of the five boroughs of the city. The service can be very low cost or free depending on your financial situation. If you have lived in the city for more than six months and are looking for an affordable medical service, do not hesitate to call us, remember that immigration status does not matter.


If you want to join the SNAP program but aren’t sure how we can help. Yes, you are already part of the SNAP program, and we will help you decertify your case.

Looks and Feelings

Migration is a process that entails a before and after in the emotional life of migrant families. Both those who leave and those who stay experience psychological changes and important duels, which are not always perceived as such, but are silent and lasting.This particularly affects women who become heads of the family once their husbands leave,

 as they remain in a vulnerable situation. This is why it is important to work on the coincidence processes and create opportunities and spaces for dialogue and listening, in order to alleviate these feelings. It is necessary to promote new solidarities that allow women to be agents of their own development, both personally and as a group.

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