Empowerment Summer Bash Fundraiser

Eventbrite - Empowerment Summer Bash Fundraiser

The Mexican Coalition is a small NY nonprofit doing big things…big programs. During our very short history (we're 2 years old), we have successfully maintain our core programming of ESL/ESOL courses, Computer skills and Civics classes, launched several Immigration Legal Clinics and free legal consultations, and rolled out a Preventive Health Program and a Preventive Health Certificate with partners like Hostos Community College and the Consulate of Mexico and other Latin American consulates in NYC. And we have had very stimulating, thought provoking conference with the School of Social at Columbia University.

In 2013 the Mexican Coalition helped just under 800 families with our programs. In 2014 we celebrated our reach of over 2400 families our programming and partners helped. That is a 200% increase in service utilization. And we are projecting we will be celebrating 2015 with a reach of over 6000 Latino families. This type of success is not possible to gain alone. We had extraordinary partners committed to improving the lives of Latino families in our neighborhoods...and often these neighborhoods were among the poorest and least desirable. Neighborhoods that lack opportunities to let hard-working people gain a higher quality of life if they don’t speak English, if they don’t know their legal rights, if they don’t know how to  access and navigate the various systems of care NYC is known for.

2015 should not be different!

We will continue to serve our families with the highest quality programming possible and do it with partners who are committed to nothing less than the best possible care and support. But this is only possible with the generous investment from businesses and community-stakeholders that are financially willing to invest in our programs and whose mission is to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. The empowerment of the Latino family to seek out opportunities to positively improve their lives and that of their neighborhood is completely dependent on the leadership, trust, and commitment our partners are willing to invest.

And while we are proud more people are participating in our programs, it’s a sad realization that so many people in our neighborhoods need us…NEED YOU. Our community participants do not want a handout or for you to fix their lives. They want the opportunity to be empowered to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones, and in turn make their communities safer and better for all. They want the tools to do it themselves.

On June 17th YOU have the opportunity to empower them. Your power will empower them by allowing us to continue our mission of service. Your sponsorship will not only be a marking opportunity for your business, but THE opportunity to invest in successful programs that are designed to give people the tools they need to help them gain a higher quality of life. It is the best possible return on investment.

On June 17th you have an opportunity to join others who share a similar willingness to invest in people.

On June 17th, you’ll have fun empowering those who are less fortunate.

On June 17th, for four hours you’ll share food and drinks celebrating your leadership and the impact you can have by investing in the Mexican Coalition.

Please consider supporting us by sponsoring us at either of the levels mentioned on the attached forms. Depending on your investment, you will have an opportunity to showcase your company’s social responsibility trajectory and be recognized among your peers for your commitment to positively impact our community and neighborhoods.

We are here to speak with you regarding any question or detail you may have on the different levels of sponsorship. You may reach Chafic Rouhana at 619-481-1347 or Jairo Guzman at jguzman@coalicionmexicana.org

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 17th!